Environmental policy declaration Aurubis Belgium

Aurubis Belgium is active in the refining of copper, production of copper semi-finished products and winning of precious metals. Recycling of copper and precious metals bearing scrap, as feed for our production processes, gains an ever more important stake and we are proud of the fact that we, with this economic activ.ity, explicitly contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.

Completely aligned with this, Aurubis Belgium pursues for its activities an harmonic balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects. We take care of an harmonic integration of our activities within the surroundings and the community we are active in. We strive for a minimal impact on the environment and the most ecological use of natural resources like water and energy, preferably using renewable sources. We incessantly look for opportunities to improve, which is incorporated in our long term vision for sustainable development.

We, the management of Aurubis Belgium, are committed to living up to these basic principles as a driving force for continuous improvement of our environmental achievements. This is translated in the following policy rules:

  • we supervise the strict implementation of the relevant legislation, regulations, standards, agreements and requirements concerning the environment;
  • we stimulate a cautious and efficient use of raw materials, water and energy. In this context, we promote and maximise the recycling of copper scraps where ever technically, economically and environmentally feasible;
  • we measure, register and report our industrial emissions and try to minimise all discharges towards the air, water or soil using the best available techniques;
  • we make sure that waste disposal and waste treatment is not harmful for the environment;
  • we stimulate the permanent attention and respect for the environment towards our employees and those of our contractors;
  • we use a policy of openness and close consultation with the local community and government.

We engage ourselves to maintain an efficient environmental management system which is in compliance with the EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard. In conformity with this management system and supporting this environmental policy, we annually draft objectives which are periodically evaluated.

Olen, January 2019.


L. Bresseleers     E.Lievens     D. Loret     S. Otten     L. Rosiers     J. Verhaert


Management Team
Aurubis Belgium

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