The cathode is the base product of copper for high-grade applications. Pure copper is extracted from unwrought copper in the form of cathodes during the electrolytic refining process.

Copper cathodes with certain contents of impurities are also registered and traded at the London Metal Exchange and the Comex. High-quality copper is distinguished by very low contents of impurities, since even the smallest amounts of selenium, bismuth or antimony in the ppm range significantly impact conductivity.

Aurubis copper brands "NA-ESN", "HK", "OLEN" and "PIRDOP" are registered at the LME and characterized by their high purity and consistent quality, regardless of the raw materials used. These cathodes form the basis for the high-grade Aurubis copper products.


Length (approx.) 965 mm 1060 mm 1005 mm 1000 mm
Width (approx.) 975 mm 906 mm 995 mm 1020 mm
Thickness (approx.) 5-10 mm 5-10 mm 6 mm 5-10 mm
Weight (approx.) 50-70 kg 50-70 kg 50-60 kg max. 80 kg

Analysis of NA-ESN, HK, OLEN and PIRDOP cathodes

Pb Bi As Sb Sn Zn Fe Ni Co Cr Cd Mn Se Te Ag S
<1 <05 1 1 <1 <1 <2 1 <1 <1 <1 <1 <05 <05 10-15 <7

(data in ppm)

These cathode brands comply with the cathode standard ASTM B 115, Grade 1, DIN EN 1978 as well as Cu-KATH-1.

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