With its uniform high electrical conductivity, AURUBIS ROD ensures the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical power. Whether as a conductor in underground and submarine cables or as enameled wire in transformers, generators and motors: its uniform high quality and purity mean that our rod is much sought after for these demanding applications. At the same time, excellent fine drawing properties, the uniform recrystallization behavior and the surface structure of our rod, which is particularly important to the enameled wire industry, considerably simplify further processing by our customers.

In signal transmission and electronics, too, the very good physical and chemical properties of our products are extremely useful in assisting in continued miniaturization and weight reduction while maintaining the utmost reliability.

Whether electrical engineering, infrastructure, mechanical engineering, energy technology, automotive engineering or aviation: AURUBIS ROD has acquired an excellent reputation in virtually every area of application over the past four decades. 

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