AURUBIS FOXROD is directly cast, oxygen-free copper wire rod, which can also be low alloyed depending on the customer's requirements. The total content of alloying elements can amount to up to 5 %

AURUBIS FOXROD is produced in all diameters between 8 and 32 mm.

Typical copper alloy qualities

  • Cu-OFE
  • CuAg
  • CuSn
  • CuFeP
  • CuMg
  • CuMgP
  • CuTeP
  • CuP

We are pleased to develop AURUBIS FOXROD in other copper materials in collaboration with our customers.

The advantages of AURUBIS FOXROD at a glance

  • Produced with our high-quality cathodes with a copper content above 99.99 %
  • Clean metallic surface
  • Excellent and homogenous product quality
  • Narrow tolerances for rod diameters
  • Resistant to hydrogen embrittlement

Produced with our high-quality cathodes with a copper content above 99.99 %

The production process

  • State-of-the-art melting and casting furnaces (induction and resistance heated, depending on specific demands on product quality)
  • Continuous vertical upwards casting of oxygenfree and low alloyed copper wire rod
  • Direct casting to the required final diameters
  • No rolling processes
  • Flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes
  • No additional surface treatment with pickling and conservation agents or lubricants
  • Consistent use of state-of-the-art technology ensures constantly high product quality

In compliance with the selected material, AURUBIS FOXROD has numerous applications. Due to the production process, AURUBIS FOXROD has the relatively coarse grain structure of a casting. 

On customers' request, Aurubis can process the rod to improve its mechanical properties.

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