Highly conductive copper

Pure copper has a high electrical conductivity, second only to silver. Aurubis copper rod maintains this essential quality thanks to its extraordinary degree of purity. It is manufactured from our own copper cathodes with a purity of 99.998%. During our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, every effort is made to keep the copper material free of any contamination. Thanks to this exceptional level of purity, Aurubis copper rod is the ideal base material for wire and cable manufacturing. It shows electrical conductivity values that are significantly higher than the ETP copper conductivity standards. This results in multiple end-user advantages related to compactness and low energy losses.

The high purity of Aurubis copper rod is also an essential characteristic for the manufacturing of ultra-thin wires. For drawing wires on the order of microns, any small impurity can be fatal. Highly pure Aurubis copper minimizes production losses due to impurities and achieves the required end quality.

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