Premium quality, highly conductive copper profiles

Pure copper has a high electrical conductivity, second only to silver. Aurubis copper profiles maintain this essential quality thanks to their extraordinary degree of purity. They are manufactured from our own copper cathodes with a purity of 99.998%. During our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, every effort is made to keep the copper material free of any contamination. Thanks to this high level of purity, Aurubis copper profiles have electrical conductivity that is significantly higher than the ETP copper conductivity standards. This brings with it many advantages related to compactness and low energy losses.

Copper specifically extremely pure Aurubis copper profiles also boasts the following advantages compared to lower grade copper or aluminium:

2 (compared to 50 to 100 N/mm2 for aluminium) provides the necessary mechanical strength to withstand short circuit currents

To learn more about the substantial advantages of copper compared to aluminium as a material for busways, read the Leonardo Energy publication Materials for Electric Busways.

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