Conductivity and durability are essential characteristics

Trunking systems are intended to carry high currents; therefore, their electrical conductivity is a key parameter. Constructing a busbar or busway out of highly conductive copper brings about advantages at several levels:

1) The ability to transport high power in a limited space

Busbars must sometimes be installed within a very limited space such as a switchboard or other electrical equipment

The costs of busway enclosures and support structures rise with the size of the conductor

2) Low energy losses, resulting in:

Reduced energy costs and a lower life cycle cost of the installation

The environmental benefit of reduced CO2 emissions

Durability is consequently another essential quality for a trunking system

Joints and connections must be able to withstand cyclical loading/unloading

Busbar and busway materials must have sufficient strength to withstand the mechanical forces of short circuit currents

The busbar material must resist accelerated corrosion, even in chemically aggressive environments

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