The Aurubis product range for switchgear, meeting diverse needs

Aurubis offers the perfect solution to the trend of using complex busbar profiles. Our catalogue of flat bars, round bars, segments and profiles includes more than 300 items in a wide range of shapes and sizes. On top of that, we have already designed and manufactured more than 2,000 different profile configurations at the request of renowned OEMs.

Top conductivity

Indeed, our bars and profiles show thermal and electrical conductivity characteristics that are significantly better than the ETP copper standards. They are manufactured out of our own high-quality cathodes with a copper content of 99.995%.

Moreover, our copper bars are less rough thanks to the careful design and maintenance of our tools. As a result, less energy is lost in electric joints with Aurubis copper bars.

These reduced energy losses improve the total cost of ownership and the environmental performance of the installation.

Designed for easy manipulation and assembly
Aurubis bars and profiles are manufactured for uncomplicated ease of use. The bars are easy and safe to bend and can be coated easily .

Aurubis also offers grooved profiles designed for switchgear joints that are free of screws and holes. Some of these special joints allow the switchboards to be assembled on site, even by unskilled personnel.

Highly constant product quality
Aurubis products come with a guarantee of the highest quality. Our advanced manufacturing technology combined with our rigorous quality control results in a consistent, reliable and homogeneous product quality.

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