Aurubis experts - part of your engineering team

The experts at Aurubis can assist circuit breaker manufacturers in the development of optimal copper profiles for breaker contacts. Our team possesses unique experience in the field as well as specially equipped laboratories. Thanks to their responsive, solution-oriented attitude, they quickly become an effective part of your engineering team. You can count on them throughout the complete course of product development, from the initial idea to the final certification of your new product.

Deep expertise in extrusion tooling
One of the trump cards of our development team is an in-depth knowledge of extrusion tooling. Not only do our engineers possess an extensive set of design tools, they are also very skilled in assessing which tools are best to use for a particular process, and how. In this way, the dimensional constraints become clear at an early stage in product development. In close cooperation with your team, our experts will propose solutions to incorporate those constraints and design concepts that have the best features at minimum cost.

Flexibility in developing a small prototype series
During the development of new circuit breakers, prototypes are often used to test the assembly and verify electrical and mechanical characteristics. Aurubis has the right machinery and planning flexibility to develop small prototype series of complex copper profiles in the short-term.

Ensuring dimensional stability
Aurubis' continuous extrusion lines guarantee copper profiles of a highly homogeneous and consistent quality. In particular, we offer an excellent dimensional stability for the copper profiles, both throughout the complete development phase as well as during the subsequent commercial manufacturing of the product.

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