Copper is the material of progress

Copper is the material of progress and development. Copper can be recycled without any loss of its outstanding properties in terms of electrical and thermal conductivity, making it the ideal material for energy generation and transmission, the electronics industry, the automotive sector and telecommunications. Copper is also corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial and highly malleable, further qualifying it for many other applications which are also needed to ensure the sustainable development of societies and economies.
The use of high-quality copper and copper products is not only increasing in line with rising living standards; more importantly, it is a precondition for growth and development. Copper demand per capita is expected to continue increasing globally.
Aurubis covers the entire value-added chain, from the production of high-quality copper made of primary and secondary raw materials to the fabrication of copper products, such as wire rod, continuous cast shapes, strip made of copper and copper alloys, brass rod and shaped wires, bars and profiles. This also includes the production of precious and rare metals and other products, such as sulfuric acid and iron silicate.

Aurubis' strategy is based on its integrated production capabilities

With our excellent production capabilities in smelting, refining and recycling, we are one of the leading copper companies in the world. Integrated processes in primary and secondary copper production enable us to extract and process a wide range of materials and elements, providing us with a strong competitive edge. In copper production, we build on production capabilities in areas such as casting, deformation and surface treatment to produce high-quality copper products from cathodes from our own production processes, ensuring their availability and quality.
Our strategy is to leverage our integrated copper production capabilities in smelting, refining, extraction, recycling and processing, generating the highest value from various and especially complex raw materials. We focus on products for growing applications in which the specific properties of copper and copper alloys, particularly those related to conductivity, provide added value to our industrial customers in developed and emerging countries.

Aurubis is committed to continuous improvement in its operations to defend and expand its leading position in the industry. We seek innovative solutions in processes, products, services and business models to exploit and develop our capabilities within the integrated copper value-added chain.

Aurubis is determined to become the leading integrated copper processing company in the world

We will seize opportunities for business growth and consolidation in the copper processing industry. We will leverage our production capabilities in order to grow in the copper production and recycling sectors, especially in developing regions of the world.
Our growth and profitability targets are to achieve 10% growth in annual gross profit and a 15% return on capital employed (ROCE) during the business cycle, creating value for our shareholders.

Aurubis' capabilities build on highly skilled and motivated employees

We consider the competence and commitment of our employees to be an integral part of our capability-driven strategy. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on developing the skills and technical knowledge of our workforce and on a performance-oriented compensation system. This enables our employees to achieve the best results and provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

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