Environmental policy declaration Aurubis Belgium

Environmental policy declaration Aurubis Belgium


Aurubis Belgium pursues an harmonic integration of its activities within the environment and the community. Its goal is to minimize the impact on the environment and an economical use of natural sources such as water and energy.


Our company's philosophy is founded on sustainable development: to achieve an harmonic balance between the economical, social and environmental agenda on the one hand, and a long term vision regarding operational sustainability on the other hand. It is not only our ambition to be the market leader in refining copper and producing semi-fabricates, but also to achieve this in a sustainable and socially justified way.


The management of Aurubis Belgium commits to living up to these basic principles as a motive for permanent improvement of our environmental achievement. Therefore our policy stands for:


We engage ourselves to maintain an efficient environmental management system which is in compliance with the EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard. In conformity with this management system and supporting this environmental policy, we annually draft objectives which will be periodically evaluated.


Olen, October 2016.

L. Bresseleers N. Janssens E. Lievens S. Otten J. Rogiers L. Rosiers J. Verhaert M. Van Der Gucht

Management Team

Aurubis Belgium